Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Orange County Momms Are Opting for Mommy Makeover

Orange County Mommy Makeovers           

Becoming a mother is a magical experience that is filled with many emotional journeys. One of the aspects of that journey is the major changes a woman’s body experiences. Pregnancy, childbirth and nursing can place great strain on a woman’s core, breasts, hips and legs. Many women feel unsatisfied with their bodies after pregnancy and will try improving their exercise and diet which are effective at reducing fat but have no effect on the skin. Not seeing results from their hard work often leads to frustration.
But there is a solution that many women are beginning to embrace. Cosmetic surgery packages, known as “Mommy Makeovers” are becoming more and more popular as women seek to regain their more youthful pre-maternal shape.

“Our patients usually come in with a very clear goal of what they would like to achieve”, says Tanya Connors. “Dr. Sadati works with each patient to achieve the desired results in each area.”

Pregnancy can add extra layers of fat to the body and stretches the skin, resulting in trouble spots that no amount of Pilates, PowerYoga and crunches can reduce. The most popular procedures for women who want to regain their natural shape before they became moms are abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and breast augmentation, sometimes with a breast lift.

During pregnancy the skin and muscles of a woman’s core become stretched and weakened. Tummy tucks can be performed in 3 different gradations: mini-tucks, full tummy tucks and extended tummy tucks. Dr. Sadati will examine your core carefully to determine which tummy tuck is appropriate for you and your goals. Further, if you have had a C-section, Dr. Sadati can work from that scar, eliminating additional scarring in many cases.

In addition, nursing and pregnancy add extra weight to the breasts and after nursing, many women find their breasts to lack volume and appear less appealing in shape. To reshape the breasts and give them a more youthful appearance, Dr. Kevin Sadati will often lift the breasts. Sometimes this surgery is combined with the addition of a breast implant to achieve the exact desired shape.

Liposculpting of the hips and thighs is also a popularly requested procedure. These procedures can remove those unwanted extra fatty deposits and create a smoother, shapely appearance. It is often recommended that a tummy tuck be combined with liposculpting, as Dr. Sadati can reshape the entire trunk and recreate a slimmer silhouette.

Many patients hesitate to come in for a consultation because they are concerned they will not be able to incur the financial burden. “Our office has two companies that specialize in surgical loans that we work with to coordinate payment schedules,” advises Tanya Connors, Patient Coordinator, “giving a patient up to two years to pay for their surgery.”

Recovery is another concern many patients voice. “Many of these procedures can be performed at the same time”, says Dr. Sadati. “Most patients find they are back to work in two weeks and feel completely back to themselves within a month to six weeks. And it is worth it!” Indeed, the return to their pre-maternal shape is what motivates all of these women to seek cosmetic surgery as a solution.

“Our patient’s goals are very specific to those parts of their body that have been affected by pregnancy, childbirth and nursing,” says Tanya Connors. “They want to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin again, and these procedures will very often help them to achieve their goals.

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