Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do facial exercises help to improve your sagging neck and jowls?

Orange County Face Lift Surgeon:

The jowls sag, as well as the rest of the sides of the face, from three specific factors. The constant downward pull of gravity, loss of skin elasticity and weakening of ligaments, and a loss of fat under the skin. This is not a muscular problem so no amount of exercise will have a reversal effect. While some non-surgical skin tightening methods have been tried with very slight improvement, real jowl correction is a surgical problem.
Perhaps as a surprise to some, the concept of a facelift is what ideally addresses the sagging jowls. In a traditional facelift, the saggy skin and fat is pulled up along with the rest of the lower face and neck. In essence, the jowl tissues are lifted back up and resuspended. It is no surprise, therefore, why this approach would be so successful.
Rather than resuspension, some facial cosmetic surgeons think that the droopy fat underneath the jowl skin should be cut out or removed by liposuction. Since hanging fat under the skin is part contributor to the jowl problem, not just saggy skin, removal rather than resuspension seems equally logical. Does it make a difference as to which one is done?
My opinion on the technical management of jowls is…it varies. Both will work for the right patient. It depends as much on what facelift technique is being used as anything. If one is undergoing a full facelift, the wide open exposure permits an easily visualized field in which jowl fat resuspension can be very successfully done. This puts it back from where it came and helps maintain facial volume which is helpful for the older patient who is likely needing a traditional facelift. In the more limited facelift, also known as a Natural Lift, visualization of the jowls can be more restricted depending upon the extent of the dissection. Simple liposuction or direct excision is easier. Given that the limited facelift is usually done in a younger patient, the preservation of fat volume is not as critical. Given that the jowl area is the first area to relax in aging face; Natural lift would be a great and minimally invasive procedure to improve it.

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