Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How can Arnica Montana Help to Reduce Swelling and Bruising After My Mini Face Lift?

Orange County facial plastic surgery forum:

Arnica has been used for years both as a topical ointment and as an oral supplement. Applied externally, it reduces bruising and muscle soreness. When taken orally, it helps reduce/clear bruising and speed healing after surgery or a traumatic injury. While arnica has been used for over 100 years, it has caught a lot of attention in the past decade as more recent studies have shown its benefits as a more proven certainty.

Arnica Montana is a mountain flower that grows around the world. Its healing properties have been credited to many of the over 100 components which are found in the plant. Arnica contains a class of chemicals known as sesquiterpene lactones which have anti-inflammatory benefits. Arnica also contains antioxidant flavonoids, cartinoids, and silicic acid which all are also believed to have healing actions.

In plastic surgery, less swelling and bruising was seen after rhinoplasty in patients who took oral arnica versus steroids in a published study in July 2007 of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Other positive findings have been seen in facelift surgery where less bruising was observed with its use. I routinuely precribe it as a pre- and postoperative medication (one week before and after surgery) for my cosmetic surgery patients. Both patients and I have become convinced of its beneficial properties, particularly in the more rapid resolution of bruising. As a topical ointment, I use it on facial plastic surgery patients as an adjunct to oral arnica to have the best effect on clearing bruising

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