Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lip Enhancements for a Beautiful Smile

Lip Enhancements In Orange County

Fuller lips have always been considered a sign of beauty, after all they help form that beautiful curve on your face; your smile. Appeal of your face grows manifold with lips that are fuller at the center with less volume at the edges, traditionally a benchmark for lips' aesthetics. With Hollywood celebrities and Supermodels pouting their way to glory, boasting their fuller mouths, should you be left behind? If you aren't naturally blessed with lips to brag, you can acquire them through Lip Enhancement procedures and give yourself more reasons to smile.
Lip Augmentation, as it is also referred to, has evolved over the last century, from use of paraffin to some of the latest advancements today, which have made these procedures extremely simple.
If you are in Orange County, you can come to The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery located in Newport Beach, California for a consultation. It's important to note that topical anesthesia is applied during these procedures. Some of you might be allergic to or bear side effects to some anesthetics. It's advisable to consult your doctor regarding that before you go in for your procedure.

Some of the popular procedures used for lip augmentation today are:
  • Fat transfer: A commonly used technique wherein fat from another part of your body is extracted and either injected or surgically placed on your lips. If surgical procedure is used, general anesthesia is given.
  • Restylane injections are also in vogue today. They use a synthetic gel, which is injected into your lips. It closely replicates a naturally found substance in your body that gives fuller, firmer lips. Effects of these injections usually last longer than those achieved through fat transfer.
  • Effects can be made to last even longer if in addition synthetic fillers like Radiance, Artecoll or Artefill are used.
Like any procedure done on your body, Lip augmentation can show reactions; namely swelling and itching, if not done under proper care. So where you get your treatment done is extremely important.
Anything in extreme is not good for your body, same goes for lip augmentation. Trout pout is a state you get to if lip augmentation is overdone, and the results are anything but pleasant.
Lip Enhancement techniques have their advantages:
  • Procedures carry minimal risk under expert care and are relatively pain free as topical anesthesia is used.
  • They give you long lasting results and considerably improve the shape of your lips.
  • Lip augmentation procedures are quick and often called lunch break techniques because that's how long it usually takes to get a treatment done.
  • You can repeat these procedures over time to maintain the result. But always remember not to overdo them.
  • They are much cheaper compared to other surgical procedures.
Now getting fuller lips is not just a dream; it can be realized and is within your means.

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